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Rule of Law Program Support

Rule of Law Program Support

A transparent, effective, and equal justice system build stability and fosters growth in all other sectors. Rule of Law Program Support is a cornerstone capability of the Framework for Progress. Through its systematic methodology, governments, agencies and even regions can both better understand the challenges faced in implementing change, as well as the desired effects of that change in improving the lives of citizens.

The Framework methodology library directly supports programs delivering meaningful change in the human environment:

  • Sustainable Capacity Building
  • Policy and Guidance Changes
  • Unravel the Legacy of Conflict in a Region
  • Improved Inclusive Access to Justice
  • Improved Monitoring Evaluation of the Rule of Law Sector
  • Justice for Women
  • Fostering Partnerships – Public/Private and Transnational Alliances
  • Sustainable Improvements in Systems
  • Innovation in Security and Safety
  • Application of Technology to Improve Rule of Law
  • Capital Planning for Programs and Projects

Rule of Law Program Support for Change

Understanding the institutions and citizen-centric capabilities required to enhance safety and security depends on a detailed model that includes stakeholders, public sector institutions, regulations / laws, transnational landscape and funding mechanisms. The Framework provides agencies and organizations a toolbox to use in developing a rich, data-driven environment to support comprehensive risk management, financial planning and results measurement.

Through a series of workshops, tooling and techniques, organizations and institutions can develop an inclusive, objective and interdependent model of the current baseline sector capabilities and capacity. From this foundation, prioritized areas of change – complete with optimized inflection points – guide programs through data-backed decision support.

As a result of using the Framework, agencies can develop an objective future landscape with targeted improvements in transparency, equality, inclusiveness or other desired objective. Getting “from here to there”, the toolbox delivers program level support for metrics and measurements to monitor progress and adapt to meet changing needs.

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